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         Yasuko Katano
Weaving & Dyeing
No.25th The Genealogy of Stars 180X155
No.28th The Sound 160X140
No.29th The Meter of Wind 160X150
No.31th The Nocturne 160X140
No.32th The Serenade of Wind 160X130
Japan Conteporary Arts And Crafts (JCAAC)
No.32th The Genealogy of Stars 180X170 Grand Prize
No.33th The Natural Rhyme of Stars 180X145
No.34th The Meter of Stars 170X145
No.35th The Stairs of Sound 180X145
No.36th The Birth of Jasper 180X130
No.37th The Spectacle in Spring 180X130
No.38th Twinkling'99 170X130
No.39th The Birth of Star 180X144
No.40th The Poem of Wind 180X145 Member's Prize
Another Exhibitions
The Genealogy of Summer Star I 142X90
The Genealogy of Summer Star II 130X60
Cosmic Star I 142X60
Cosmic Star II 142X60
Sky Star I 180X23
Sky Star II 180X23
Sky Star III 180X23
From The Sky 180X23
From The Sky II 180X23
From The Sky III 180X23

No.25 NITTEN 星譜U 180X155
The Genealogy of Stars