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Paintings Japanese
N0.14th NITTEN 1982 The Wind Special Prize
N0.19th NITTEN 1987 In Front of The Mirror
N0.20th NITTEN 1988 The Moment of Emergence Special Prize
N0.22th NITTEN 1990 The Early Evening
N0.23th NITTEN 1991The Flower Beauty
N0.27th NITTEN 1995 The Blue Moth
N0.29th NITTEN 1997
In Front of The Folding Screen
N0.30th NITTEN 1988
The Wind
N0.31th NITTEN 1999 The Thought
N0.32th NITTEN 2000 The Thought
The Maiko(an apprentice geisha in Kyoto) F50
NISSHUN Exhibition 1999 The Early Summer
The Hand Drum
1999 Yukyu Exhibition The Maiko(an apprentice geisha in Kyoto) (sketch)
1999 Yukyu Exhibition The Hand Drum(F10)
NISSHUN Exhibition 2001 The Hand Drum

The Wind