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Paper Cutting Art 

The Butterflies play near the mirror in spring
The vision of west asia
The vision of mirrors and daffodils
The bowstring of a legendary wizard
The scattering flower
The biwa-playing reverse style
KUJYAKUMYOOH , The God of Fire on a peacock

DAINICHINYORAI , The Godess of tathagata
The bloom of chrysanthemum
The mandala of flower ornament
The peony
The Goddess of Mercy , Nyoirin
The clouds and the dragon
The peony
The nymph plays very beautiful a bowstring
The moonlight
Playing on the flute
The picture of offering congratulations
TALA , The Buddhist saint
The tathagata , fukuujyojyu
The court dances and music at Moon Court
The hibiscus
The red lotus
The prayer
The black daffodils
The wisteria
The hydrangea rain
KAGAMIJISHI , The lion dance

The butterflies play near the mirror in spring