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        YOKO WATANABE渡辺洋子 paintings

The Begonias F8
The Sunflowers F6
The Anemone F6
The Iris M25
The Camellias F4
The Daffodils F3
The Sunflowers F8
The Cyclamen F4
The Early Summer M6
The Sunflowers
The White Basket P6
The White Flower F8
The Morning, Leave Port F50
The Little Lighthouse F4
The Church HIRADO
The White Bench F10
The Beautiful Autumn F4
The Way to Bergen F15
The Landscape with a Railroad Bridge F6
The Tower at The Bottom of a Slope F6
L'ardar in Eary Spring F6
The Pansy
The Pansy (small size)
Bnishijimi (small size)
The Cherry (small size)
The White House(small size)


ベコニア F8
The Begonias