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  Japan Conteporary Arts And Crafts

No18th 1979 In the palms of the hands
No19th 1980 The girl underwater
No22th 1983 The roaring of the sea
No23th 1984 The downtown on February
No24th 1985 The coffee shop
No25th 1986 Blown to the sea breeze
No26th 1987 The crinum
No27th 1988 The evening primrose
No28th 1989 The earrings of little shell
No29th 1990 The wave all of sudden
No30th 1991 The poolside
No31th 1992 The seabirds are flying
No32th 1993 The vessel through a long way off
No33th 1994 The palpitation
No34th 1995 At twilight
No35th 1996 Into the brightness
No36th 1997 The moonlight
No37th 1998 The darkening sea
No38th 1999 The staying clouds
No39th 2000 The letter from the moon
No40th 2001 Autumn has come

Masako Krimoto Slidshow

The Paulownia Statue Doll

No18th 1979 掌の中に 初入選
In the palms of the hands