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a collection of KAZUYUKI TAKAHASHI's photographs

 Eddy Townsent jr
semi-legendary Boxing trainer
Edward Townsent jr
He had produced six world champions in Japan.

He was born on October 4th,1914 in Honolulu,Hawaii.
At eleven years old,he started boxing training,at own courtyard with self-made sandbag.
After this,he studied boxing in YMACA,Japanese-American gymnasium.
In 1932,when he was 17 years old,he became amateur-champion of the featherweight class in Hawaii.
Eddy became a professional boxer in 1939. But the Pacific War was occur,he retired a professional boxer. After world war,He changed from a boxer to a boxing trainer.
In 1962,Japanese Pro-wrestler RIKIDOZAN invited him to Japan as a boxing trainer.
Eddy start in RIKI-gymnasium,TANABE-gym,FUNABASHI-gym,YONEKURA-gym,KANEKO-gym ,he accepted the offer of a position, bring up and coach young boxers.In the meantime,he had produced six world champions,TAKESHI FUJI,HIROYUKI EBIHARA,KUNIAKI SHIBATA,GUTS ISHIMATSU,TADASHI TOMORI,HIROKI IOKA.
Eddy end his life 73years old on 1988, February 11th.(died of cancer)